Old Man

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  • Name: Samael (recently revealed to be such)
  • Age: Unknown, but known to be at least over 100 years old
  • Height: 6'
  • Weight: 120
  • Hair Color: Gray, thinning
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Faction: Original Cult
  • Position: Leader
  • Main Ally: None
  • Main Rival: Jacob

From the original logs: "The figure was an older gentleman, with a certain amount of darkness to his skin. He wore a suit that looked nearly a century out of date, and golden rimmed glasses. A top hat finished the look. A cigarette hung from between his lips as he regarded her, the smoke trail running up towards the darkness of the ceiling. Even in the relative light, he looked like a corpse..."

The old man cuts an imposing, creepy, archaic figure. Allison Halloway is terrified of him, and Michael Smith would rather kill him than look at him.

As a matter of fact, Michael has tried. During the Sewer arc, he hacked the skeletal man to pieces, and watched in horror as he started to reform; he grabbed the ill Allison and fled, leaving the crocspiders to deal with him. Their fate is unknown, but the old man is alive as of the current arc. His name was recently revealed to be Samael.

He is a tenured professor of religious studies at Argos University. He uses various open lectures on voudoun to recruit people to the Followers of the Ghede, his cult used to contact Baron Samedi. He has been lecturing so long that many of the other professors are members of the group.


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