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Cast Members

Included below are the cast members from the various games, both player and non-player characters. It is very much in a state of constant repair, to be added to constantly.

Astor Wilkes - A somewhat deranged corporate mercenary, working with the others to save what little remains of his sanity.
Allison Halloway - The chosen of Maman Brigitte; a woman pushed to the edge by demons both inside and out.
Jacob Valentine - A third faction in the cult's struggle; a perfectionist sociopath with a taste for sadism and apotheosis.
Jenette Williams - Jacob's closest ally and the most psychically gifted of the cultists; a sadist and villain.
Jenna "JC" Cortez - Boxer and mechanic, as well as possibly the most compassionate of the survivors.
Michael Smith - The scion of Legba; a soul eroding into the darkness of his champion God and his inner monsters.
Samantha McNeil - One of he last doctors remaining in the face of the crisis, a quick-tempered woman with a heart of gold.
Sergei Kemp - Soldier of fortune and opportunist, shaped into a superhuman fighting machine and turned against former masters.
Old Man - The mysterious head of the cult; older than the dirt they walk on and perhaps Baron Samedi himself.

The Bestiary

Of course, not only humans populate Argos. Located behind and underneath all manners of save havens and sanctuaries are some of the most frighteningly bizarre creatures known to man.

Crocspider - Half crocodile, half spider, and surprisingly more intelligent than one would imagine.
Golem - The artificial man of folklore; a creature of stone from the times of Solomon.


Followers of the Ghede - Called by many names, this cult is the seat of power in Argos. However, a deep schism is slowly fracturing the group in two.
The Government - Much like Vichy, France, during WWII, this government is a shadow puppet to the cult, with its strings pulled (at least for now) by the Old Man.
The Innocents - Those who are blind to the cult, its workings, and who go about their lives in ignorance until they become:
The Victims - Like Mike and Alli, those who see beyond the veil often pay a terrible price.

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