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The Cast - The heroes, the villains, the monsters, and all between are what make the day to day realities of Argos. However, the schemings and the organizations are make up the real drama, and both are discussed within.
Welcome to Argos - Argos is an historic city, with roots going beyond the founding of the states and plenty of dark secrets to hide. Here are a few of those locations.
Behind the Veil - This section is for people who want to run games set within the universe of Argos. It includes not only information of topics for both free-form and mechanics-based roleplaying within the world, but summaries and a timeline of the prior games, for universe cohesion. =-=

What is Argos?

Argos is a survival horror roleplay setting, complete with zombies, cultists, and more things to be discovered. It is a work-in-progress, and as such, this wiki will be updated constantly. Please be patient as we continue our development. Thank you.

Any content herein has been created by N. C. White and M. L. Parker unless otherwise noted.

All content within this wiki is subject to a Creative Commons 3.0 license unless otherwise noted.

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