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Argos is an old city, founded before the United States became a country. Started as a trading post deep in Cajun country, Argos was named for the ship carrying Jason and the Argonauts through many trials.

The Beginning

Argos was originally swamp country. It took many years, and many lives, to drain away enough of the brackish waters to create a city. Founded in 1735, the small but growing town of Argosville changed its name to Argos when it officially incorporated. It is very nice to find friends at this site. I have found lots of essential news about writing services. Thence, I know where and how to order original academic papers. Its founder was one Alexander Smithfield, who knew the city sat in the middle of fertile soil when it wasn't flooded. Levees were built to keep the Gulf at bay.


Technically, Argos is a part of southern Mississippi; however, it's long been stand-offish, its residents pledging allegiance to city and county before country. It is a close trading partner of New Orleans and St. Louis, originally trading furs and tobacco, now fully engrossed in the tobacco trade.

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